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Molding High Current Power Inductors

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Molding Power Inductors SMNR-2016STL~2520STL Type

Price: 0.06-0.15 USD ($)

High saturation current realized by material properties and structure design Low DC resistance to achieve high conversion efficiency and lower temperature risinglarge Magnetically shielded structure to accomplish high resolution in EMC protection

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Molding Power Inductor SMPI-0412TL~1770TL Type

Price: 0.10-0.30 USD ($)

Carbonyl powder inductor Low loss realized with low DCR Very low acoustic noise and very low leakage flux noise Frequency up to 3 MHz High reliability. Halogen Free & ROHS compliant

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Molding power Inductor SMHPI-0412TL~1260TL Type

Price: 0.10-0.20 USD ($)

High rated current Frequency up to 3 MHz 125 maximum total temperature operation Low core loss Ultra low buzz noise due to molding construction Halogen Free & ROHS complian